Greece 25000 drachmai 1943

Greece 25000 drachmai 1943 25000 drachmai
Obverse of Greece 25000 drachmai 1943
Krause - Mishler KM# P123
Details Black on brown and light blue-green underprint

Obverse: Bust of Nymph Deidamia at left
In Greek mythology, Deidamia was one of King Lycomedes's seven daughters with whom Achilles was concealed. Despite the fact that Achilles and Deidamea could have been as young as eight years old, the two soon became romantically involved to the point of intimacy. After Odysseus arrived at Lycomedes's palace and exposed Achilles as a young man, Achilles decided to join the Trojan War, leaving behind a pregnant, heart-broken Deidamia. Their son, Neoptolemus, later joined his father in the Trojan War but was eventually killed by Orestes.

Reverse: Black on olive green, Ruins of Olympian Temple of Zeus at center

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