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Selected term: Slabbed Coins
Explanation: Coins which have been submitted to one of the professional grading services for certification as to the grade of the coin. The coins are examined by the grading services experts, assigned a grade and sealed into a hard plastic 'slab' with a label indicating the coin type, date, mintmark, variety and grade. Often a certified coin is accompanied by a photograph certificate. The holder affords protection from subsequent wear or damage but is not airtight and therefore will not prevent toning. Because any tampering with the holder will be obvious, it also prevents replacing the certified coin with something else. The grades assigned to the coins are accepted as accurate by most collectors and dealers. Because of this, slabbed coins are often traded sight unseen.

Most popular coin terms

Specimen Proof (SP-70 or PF-70) 27725  13.95%
Silver Clad 21800  10.97%
BN 13518  6.80%
Encapsulated Coin 12506  6.29%
RB 11244  5.66%
Slabbed Coins 9775  4.92%
Deep Cameo (DC or DCAM) 9596  4.83%
Coin Silver 9078  4.57%
Ultra Cameo (UCAM) 8835  4.44%
Reeded Edge 8679  4.37%
PF (PF60, PF70) 8066  4.06%
PQ 7285  3.66%
PR (PR60, PR70) 7102  3.57%
MS (MS60-MS70) 7003  3.52%
High Relief 6904  3.47%
Obverse or Face side 6853  3.45%
Reverse Cameo 5878  2.96%
Rarity 5862  2.95%
Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) 5614  2.82%
Clad Coinage 5417  2.73%