Greece 1 drachma 1984 - Konstantinos Kanaris

Obverse of Greece 1 drachma 1984 - Konstantinos Kanaris Reverse of Greece 1 drachma 1984 - Konstantinos Kanaris

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Krause - Mishler KM# 116
Details Konstantinos Kanaris (1793 - 1877) came from the island of Psara. He blew up the Turkish armada at Chios and at Tenedos and other Turkish ships at Mytilene and Samos (1824). He also attempted to burn the Turkish ships at the port of Alexandria in order to destroy Mehmet Ali's preparations against Greece, but failed. He became one of the important naval figures of the revolution and with the liberation of Greece he became involved with politics opposing king Othon. He served several times as a minister and became prime minister
Specifications Diameter - 21mm Thickness - N/A Weight - 4.1gr
Composition Nickel - Brass
Edge Smooth
Comments Engravers: L. Orphanos, N. Perantinos
Mintage 33,665,000 pieces

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