Greece 100 drachmai (l) 1978

Greece 100 drachmai (l) 1978 100 drachmai (l)
Obverse of Greece 100 drachmai (l) 1978
Krause - Mishler KM# P200
Details Brown and violet on multicolored underprint

Obverse: Athena Peiraios
The bronze statue of the goddess Athena known as 'Athena of Piraeus' with one hand extended forward (holding Nike or a libation jar). The 2.5m statue has been attributed to either Kephisodotos or Euphranor.

Reverse: A. Koraes and church of Arkadi Monastery in Crete
Adamantios Koraes was a humanist scholar credited with laying the foundations of Modern Greek literature and a major figure in the Greek Enlightenment. His activities paved the way for the Greek War of Independence.
The Arkadi Monastery is one of Crete's most venerated symbols of freedom. The defiant defence of this fortress-like monastery during the 1866 Cretan rebellion against the Turks is still legendary and inspirational.

Watermark: Head of Charioteer Polyzalos of Delphi

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