Greece 1000 drachmas 1987

Greece 1000 drachmas 1987 1000 drachmas
Obverse of Greece 1000 drachmas 1987
Krause - Mishler KM# P202
Details Brown on multicolored underprint

Obverse: Apollo and ancient coin
In Greek and Roman mythology, Apollo is one of the most important and many-sided of the Olympian deities. The ideal of the kouros (a beardless youth), Apollo has been variously recognized as a god of light and the sun; truth and prophecy; archery; medicine and healing; music, poetry, and the arts; and more.

Reverse: Discus thrower and Hera Temple ruins at Olympia
The Discobolus of Myron ('discus thrower') is a famous Roman marble copy of a lost Greek bronze original, completed during the zenith of the classical period between 460-450 BC. A discus thrower is depicted about to release his throw.

Watermark: Head of Charioteer Polyzalos of Delphi

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