Greece 20 drachmas 2000 - Dionysious Solomous

Obverse of Greece 20 drachmas 2000 - Dionysious Solomous Reverse of Greece 20 drachmas 2000 - Dionysious Solomous

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Krause - Mishler KM# 154
Details Dionisios Solomos encouraged the nation emerging from Turkish bondage and his fine Hymn to Liberty (1823), written at the age of 25, became the national anthem of Greece. He was born in Zakinthos in 1978, which, by a quirk of history, was at that time a British Protectorate. His father, Count Salomon, was English and Solomos himself held a British Passport. Late in the 19th century, Greek scholars and writers concerned themselves with a systematization of the popular tongue for purposes of education and communication. Solomos is considered one of the leaders of this widespread movement, known as Demotikists, because the vernacular language is called Demotike
Specifications Diameter - 24.5mm Thickness - 1.8mm Weight - 7gr
Composition Copper 92%, Alumnium 6%, Nickel 2%
Edge Milled

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