Greece 50 drachmas 1994 - Ioannis Makrygiannis

Obverse of Greece 50 drachmas 1994 - Ioannis Makrygiannis Reverse of Greece 50 drachmas 1994 - Ioannis Makrygiannis
Krause - Mishler KM# 168
Details On November 18, 1994 two commemorative coins were introduced to mark the 150th anniversary of Parliament's constitutional life (1844 - 1994).

In June 1825, during the Greek War of Independence, Ibrahim Pasha attacked the mills of Argos with a force of 4,000 foot-soldiers and 600 cavalrymen from his regular army. General Makriyannis together with Ypsilantis, Mavromichalis and 300 men defended the position. After being reinforced by a detachment of the first regular Greek regiment, the Turko-Egyptian forces retreated in great disarray with heavy casualties.

At the battle of Faliron on the 5th February, 1827, Makriyannis commanded the corps of Athenians, under the orders of General Gordon.
Specifications Diameter - 27.5mm Thickness - 2.25mm Weight - 9gr
Composition Copper 92%, Alumnium 6%, Nickel 2%
Edge Milled
Comments Engravers: Nikolaou (Markiyannis bust), Antonatou (Parliament)
Mintage 75,000,000 pieces

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