Greece 50 drachmas 1998 - Rigas-Fereos (Velestinlis)

Obverse of Greece 50 drachmas 1998 - Rigas-Fereos (Velestinlis) Reverse of Greece 50 drachmas 1998 - Rigas-Fereos (Velestinlis)
Krause - Mishler KM# 171
Details 200 years Rigas Fereos Velestinlis 1798-1998

Rigas-Fereos (Velestinlis) (1757-1798) was a forerunner and leading figure of the Greek enlightenment and confederation. He was the first to visualize the liberation of the Balkans from the Ottoman Empire and was executed by the Ottomans in 1798 after vainly attempting to launch a Balkan-wide revolt against Ottoman rule.

Although Rigas was killed he put his ideas into practice. In 1814 three young Greeks, much influenced by his martyrdom, founded the Philiki Etairia, the secret "Friendly Society" which laid the organizational groundwork for the revolt
Specifications Diameter - 27.5mm Thickness - 2.25mm Weight - 9gr
Composition Copper 92%, Alumnium 6%, Nickel 2%
Edge Milled
Comments Engraver: Stamatopoulos
Mintage 25,000,000 pieces

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