Greece 50 lepta 1984 - Markos Botsaris

Obverse of Greece 50 lepta 1984 - Markos Botsaris Reverse of Greece 50 lepta 1984 - Markos Botsaris

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Krause - Mishler KM# 115
Details The Greek War of Independence was a successful insurgency waged by the Greeks between 1821 and 1827 to win independence from the Ottoman Empire. Markos Botsaris (1788–1823) was a Greek patriot exiled from his native Epirus in 1803, who was prominent in the Greek War of Independence, notably in the defense of Mesolongion (1822–23) and at Karpenision, where he defeated the Turks with a handful of men but died in battle
Specifications Diameter - 18mm Thickness - 1.45mm Weight - 2.5gr
Composition Copper 79%, Zinc 20%, Nickel 1%
Edge Milled
Comments Engravers: N. Perantinos
Mintage 1,208,000 pieces

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