Greece 500 drachmas 2000 - Coubertin - Vikelas

Obverse of Greece 500 drachmas 2000 - Coubertin - Vikelas Reverse of Greece 500 drachmas 2000 - Coubertin - Vikelas
Krause - Mishler KM# 178
Details Baron de Pierre Coubertin (1863-1937) was a French educator and thinker, who was the principal organizer of the modern Olympic Games. In the late 1880s Coubertin was commissioned by the French government to form a universal sports association, and in 1894 he invited representatives from several countries to Paris where he propose the organization of the Olympic Games

Dimitrios Vikelas was a permanent resident of Paris at the time of the congress in Sorbonne and his proposal that the city of Athens should organise the first Olympic Games was unanimously accepted by the delegates
Specifications Diameter - 28.5mm Thickness - 1.98mm Weight - 9.54gr
Composition Copper 75%, Nickel 25%
Edge Smooth
Comments Engraver: Nikiforos Lytras
Mintage 4,000,000 pieces

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