Austria Official Blister 2016

Obverse of Austria Official Blister 2016
Details The Austrian Official Blister of 2016 comprises a full set of eight coins, from 1 cent to 1 euro and the commemorative 2 euros 2016 marking the 200th anniversarry of the National Bank.

The Österreichische Nationalbank was started in 1816 by Johann Philipp Stadion, Count von Warthausen in the reign of Francis I (Franz I.), the first Emperor of Austria. The foundation of this bank followed a period of high currency devaluation in Austria during the war times when paper money was issued by the Habsburg state.

Austrian coins have a unique design for each denomination, with a common theme for each of the three series of coins. The minor coins feature Austrian flowers, the middle coins feature examples of architecture from Austria's capital, Vienna nd the two major coins feature famous Austrians.

Issue date: 24 February 2016
Mintage 50,000 pieces

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