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Random term: East Caribbean States
Explanation: Monetary unit: 1 dollar = 100 cents. The East Caribbean States formerly the British Caribbean Territories, formed a currency board in 1950 to provide the constituent territories of Trinidad and Tobage, Barbados, British Guiana (now Guyana), Britishirgin Islands, Angulla, St. Kitts, Nevis, Antigua, Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenada with a common currency, thereby permitting withdrawl of the regular British Pound currency

A currency is a unit of exchange and hence a kind of money and medium of exchange. Currency includes paper banknotes and metal coins, which today are the dominant means of exchange. If you could not find the term you were looking for, or if you know a term which is not included in the Dictionary, please help us improve this service by reporting your findings.

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Currency or countrySearchesPercentage
NUr$ 3920  12.58%
NUr$ 3920  12.58%
SKr 2434  7.81%
FKr 1530  4.91%
Fmk 1441  4.63%
RO 1433  4.60%
Saudi Arabia 1422  4.56%
CFA Franc 1376  4.42%
Czechoslovakia 1315  4.22%
Euro 1279  4.11%
Mexico 1202  3.86%
Greece 1184  3.80%
Spain 1144  3.67%
gilder 1136  3.65%
Republic of China 1133  3.64%
Brazil 1099  3.53%
Continental dollars 1087  3.49%
Hungary 1084  3.48%
Japan 1038  3.33%
Thailand 960  3.08%