Our legal obligations

Fleur-de-coin.com values the privacy of the visitors and the customers of the site.

We have adopted a strict policy regarding any personal information that is specifically and voluntarily provided by our users. The privacy policy may be updated in the future, but any significant changes will be communicated to everyone visiting the site by means of a prominent notice.

Information collected

Information collected online is usually defined as being either anonymous or personally identifiable.

  • Anonymous information refers to data that cannot be tied back to a specific individual. For example, Fleur-de-Coin.com collects some information each time a visitor enters the site, so we can improve the overall quality of the visitor's online experience.

    Fleur-de-Coin.com logs the visitor's IP address, referral data (e.g., the Internet address of the last Web page visited by a user before clicking over to Fleur-de-Coin), browser and platform type (e.g., an Internet Explorer browser on a Windows platform), screen resolution and colour depth. Fleur-de-coin.com also collects aggregate search terms from search engines, for internal reporting

  • Personally identifiable information refers to data that reveils who the visitor really is, such as the name and country of origin, which may be collected in addition to the anonymous data described above.

    Fleur-de-Coin.com only collects personal information submitted by coin collectors who sign-up for an account, in order to use our on-line Coin Shop, the World Collectors Database and the Coin Vault application to store their collection online.

Fleur-de-coin.com uses the aggregate data to perform statistical analyses of the collective characteristics and behavior of the registered users and visitors, to measure user demographics and interests regarding specific areas of the site, and to analyze how and where best to use resources. Without such data, we would not know which parts of the site are the most popular, and we would not be able to change and update the content and services appropriately. Fleur-de-coin.com sometimes uses an individual registered user's data to "pre-populate" online forms that are displayed in certain webpages, but will never send out unsolicited emails (spam).

Information Sharing and Disclosure

Fleur-de-coin.com does not rent, sell, or share personal information about you with other people or companies, however some of the information is freely available on-line. For instance, the World Collectors Database includes the name, country and age of each user, along with other information related to coin collecting. You can edit the information included in your account at any time.

Cookies policy

Fleur-de-coin.com employs cookies to recognize you and your access privileges, as well as to track site usage. Visitors who do not accept cookies can still access this site, however the browsing experience may be degrated. A cookie is a small text file containing a unique identification number that is transferred from a Web site to the hard drive of your computer so that the site administrator may identify your computer and passively track its activities on the Web site. This unique number identifies your Web browser to our computer system whenever you visit Fleur-de-Coin.

Update notifications

Fleur-de-Coin may update this policy from time to time so please check back periodically. When such changes occur, you will see the words "Legal notice" highlighted in red on the menu. We will never use personally identifiable information in a manner different from that stated at the time it was collected.

Last updated March 13, 2009