Finland Complete Year Set - Bank of Finland 2011

Obverse of Finland Complete Year Set - Bank of Finland 2011

Please ignore the date on the coins

Details The Year Set consists of: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 cent coins and 1, 2 euros celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the Bank of Finland (unc)

The Bank of Finland (Suomen Pankki) is the central bank of Finland and the fourth oldest central bank in the world. It was established on 1 March in 1812 in the city of Turku by Alexander I of Russia and in 1819 it was relocated to Helsinki. The Bank created and regulated the Finnish Markka until Finland adopted the euro in 1999.

Finnish euro coins have three designs, though two of them are each found on one coin only. The coins feature the heraldic lion of Finland, two flying swans and the fruit and leaves of the cloudberry and the 2 euro coin shows a stick figure which merges into the euro symbol. It seeks to convey the idea of the single currency and, by extension, Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) being the latest step in Europe’s long history of trade and economic integration.

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