Finland Official Blister - Uto lighthouse 2007

Finland Official Blister - Uto lighthouse 2007
Obverse of Finland Official Blister - Uto lighthouse 2007
Details The Official Blister 2007 "Uto lighthouse" celebrates Finnish Lighthouses and contains the 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 cent coins and 1, 2 euros, with the updated map of Europe on the reverse.

The oldest of the Finnish lighthouses was built in 1753 on Uto, also known as the main gateway to the Archipelago Sea. The Uto lighthouse was destroyed in the War of Finland 1808-1809, but was rebuilt in 1814. Subsequently, its tower has been remodeled several times.

In 2007, the common side to the five highest denomination euro coins is redrawn to reflect the new and enlarged European Union. The obverses have minor changes as well, the Mint master's initial has been replaced by the symbol of the Mint of Finland, and the country code (FI) has been added. Also included in the set is a medal from the series "Finnish lighthouses", featuring the lighthouse on Uto and an old sailing ship. The mint medal was designed by Hannu Veijalainen.

Issue date: 3 February 2007
Mintage 30,000 pieces

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