Greece Athens 2004 Blister (Silver C) 2003

Obverse of Greece Athens 2004 Blister (Silver C) 2003
Details In August 2004, the Olympic Games returned to the country where they were born over 2,500 years ago, and to Athens the city of their revival in 1896. Within the framework of the Olympic Coin Program, the Greek Mint issued a series of commemorative coins, Gold and Silver, on which Greek history and heritage were engraved. The third series of the Official Coins of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games was issued on September 1, 2003 and includes 2 Silver proof coins (Equestrian - Relay)

Silver coin: Equestrian or Horse Riding is a noble sport of great tradition, always reminding us of the unbreakable relation between human beings and horses. Since prehistoric times, people have been riding horses and two Equestrian events, chariot races and horses races, were first included in the 25th ancient Olympic Games competition schedule, in 680 BC.

Silver coin: Relay races can be traced to the ancient custom of sending messages via a series of couriers (skytalodromoi or "runners with a message stick"). Each courier handed the stick over to the next until its destination was safely reached. At present the relay race has completely changed character and has become an important official sport of the Olympic Games

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