Greece Athens 2004 Blister (Silver B) 2003

Obverse of Greece Athens 2004 Blister (Silver B) 2003
Details In August 2004, the Olympic Games returned to the country where they were born over 2,500 years ago, and to Athens the city of their revival in 1896. Within the framework of the Olympic Coin Program, the Greek Mint issued a series of commemorative coins, Gold and Silver, on which Greek history and heritage were engraved. The second series of the Official Coins of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games was issued on June 2, 2003 and includes 2 Silver proof coins (Long jump - Javelin)

Silver coin: Long jump is also one of the classical track events, drawing its roots from ancient times. In antiquity only the long jump without momentum existed, where the athlete had to hold a jumpingweight in each hand, which he swung vigorously to help him achieve momentum, and then dropped behind him before landing.

Silver coin: The modern event continues an ancient tradition. The javelin was on the programme of the ancient Olympic Games as one of the pentathlon sports and took on two forms: a) throwing the javelin for distance and b) throwing the javelin at a target, in an event that may be likened to shooting today, and which was performed by athletes on foot or on horseback.

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