Greece George Papanikolaou 2012

Greece George Papanikolaou 2012 Greece George Papanikolaou 2012
Obverse of Greece George Papanikolaou 2012
Details Following the Press Release (12.03.2012) of the Deputy Minister of Finance regarding the Hellenic Numismatic Program of 2012, the General Accounting Office (G.A.O.) authorised the Bank of Greece to dispense to the public Triptych Blister Sets, containing all eight denominations of Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) Greek Euro Coins as well as one silver collector coin, dedicated to the famous Greek Doctor George Papanikolaou, commemorated on the 50th anniversary of his death

Georgios Nicholas Papanikolaou was a Greek pioneer in cytopathology and early cancer detection, and inventor of the "Pap smear". He first reported that uterine cancer could be diagnosed by means of a vaginal smear in 1928, but the importance of his work was not recognized until the publication, together with Herbert Traut, of Diagnosis of Uterine Cancer by the Vaginal Smear in 1943. He thus became known for his invention of the Papanicolaou test, which is used worldwide for the detection and prevention of cervical cancer and other cytologic diseases of the female reproductive syste

Issue date: 10 September 2012
Mintage 10,000 pieces
Issue price 35.00 euros

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