Greece Olympic Games - Athens 2004 (Complete Gold Set) 2004

Obverse of Greece Olympic Games - Athens 2004 (Complete Gold Set) 2004
Details In August 2004, the Olympic Games returned to the country where they were born over 2,500 years ago, and to Athens the city of their revival in 1896. Within the framework of the Olympic Coin Program, the Greek Mint issued a series of commemorative coins, Gold and Silver, on which Greek history and heritage were engraved. The complete gold coin set consists of 6 proof Gold coins (Knossos - Olympia - Kallimarmaro - Zappeio - Acropolis - Academy)

Knossos: On the large island of Crete, first inhabited in the Neolithic era around 6000 B.C., a glorious culture developed that became known as the Minoan civilization (2600-1100 B.C.). The most glorious monument of this civilization was the Palace of Minos at Knossos, which is the subject of the first gold coin of the 2004 Olympics. It was the administrative and economic center, while at the same time it also had a sacred character.

Olympia: The enchanting setting of ancient Olympia was chosen by the ancient Greeks as the place where the most glorious and renowned pan-Hellenic games in antiquity were held, which gave birth to the modern Olympic Games. The entire area of Olympia is occupied by temples, altars, gymnasia and stadia, porticoes and guest houses, the treasuries of the various Greek cities and a great number of statues.

Kallimarmaro: The Panathenean stadium is a beautiful marble stadium (Kallimarmaron) located on the Ardettos hill in Athens, where once stood the ancient stadium which is believed to have been built around 330 B.C and was used for the Panathinean games.

Zappeio: Zappeion is an Athenian mansion built at the expense of the Greek public benefactor Evangelos Zappas (1800 - 1865) to serve as the venue for Greek artistic, agricultural and industrial fairs. It is related to the first Olympic Games in Athens in 1896, since at that time, the lack of a necessary infrastructure and the accommondation facilities for the participants, required the use of the mansion as an "Olympic vil

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