Greece Paneuropean Games - Set B (Uncirculated) 1982

Obverse of Greece Paneuropean Games - Set B (Uncirculated) 1982
Details The Official Uncirculated Set celebrates the 13th Paneuropean Games, held in Athens (Greece) on 3 - 9 September 1982. It includes three different coins 500, 250, 100 drachmas featuring the running, discus throwing, and high jump events.

The history of the games dates back to 1932, when the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) created a special committee to explore the possibility of organising a European Championships in Athletics. The Committee met for the first time in Budapest on January 7, 1934 and the first European Championships were staged later that year in Torino.

Silver coins delivered in the original box without a certificate of authenticity

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