Ireland Official Blister 2009

Obverse of Ireland Official Blister 2009
Details The official Euro Coinset 2009 of Ireland is dedicated to the 125th Anniversary of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA), the largest sporting organisation in Ireland with approximately 2.500 clubs and 800.000 members. Its stadium Croke Park holds 82.200 people and embodies the success of the GAA in the twenty-first century. The games that it promotes, Gaelic football and hurling (as well as handball, rounders, camogie and Ladies’ football) are played across the island and throughout the Diaspora.

The set contains each of the 8 euro coins in brilliant uncirculated quality and is presented in this very attractive and informative display. The Irish euro coins share the same design by Jarlath Hayes, that of the harp, a traditional symbol for Ireland since the Middle Ages, based on that of the Brian Boru harp, housed in Trinity College, Dublin.

Mintage: 25,000 pieces
Mintage 30,000 pieces
Issue price 25.00 euros

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