Ireland Official Blister 2010

Obverse of Ireland Official Blister 2010
Details The Official Blister 2010 is the first in a 3 year series featuring animals of Irish coinage, and depicts the Horse from the half crown. The half crown coin was a pre-decimal coin worth two shillings and six pence, or one-eighth of an Irish pound. The reverse of the coin showed an Irish hunter, a breed of horse. The salmon and the hound will be featured on the 2011 and 2012 sets respectively.

The Irish euro coins share the same design by Jarlath Hayes, that of the harp, a traditional symbol for Ireland since the Middle Ages, based on that of the Brian Boru harp, housed in Trinity College, Dublin. The same harp is used as the official seals of the Taoiseach, and government ministers and the Official Seal of the President of Ireland. The coins' design also features the 12 stars of the EU, the year of imprint and the Irish name for Ireland, "EIRE", in the traditional Gaelic script.

Mintage: 20,000 pieces

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