Ireland Official Blister 2016

Ireland Official Blister 2016
Obverse of Ireland Official Blister 2016
Details The Ireland Annual Mint Set for 2016 commemorates in text and pictures the events around the Easter Rising and the Proclamation of the Irish Republic. This set contains the 2016 two euro commemorative coin in addition to the eight standard circulating coins. Each coin is minted to brilliant uncirculated quality, and is packaged with a beautifully designed booklet detailing the historic events of Easter 1916.

The Easter Rising, also known as the Easter Rebellion, was an armed insurrection in Ireland during Easter Week, 1916. The Rising was mounted by Irish republicans to end British rule in Ireland and establish an independent Irish Republic while the United Kingdom was heavily engaged in World War I. It was the most significant uprising in Ireland since the rebellion of 1798.

The commemorative 2 euro coin shows "Hibernia", a statue that is on top of Dublin's Central Post Office, which can be found in O'Connell Street.
Mintage 50,000 pieces

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