Lithuania 2 euros 2016 - Baltic Culture

Obverse of Lithuania 2 euros 2016 - Baltic Culture
Details Lithuanians have the most homogeneous culture of the Baltic republics and, despite he Soviet occupation, have preserved their traditions. Lithuanian is one of the only two Indo-European Baltic languages ​​remaining today.

The cities, including the capital, preserved their medieval heritage and all the monuments related to the turbulent history of the territory fortresses, castles, churches and even prisons. Lithuanians have a reputation among his neighbors to be sociable and hospitable, but also a little exalted and unpredictable, like a Mediterranean character.

The design shows an amber disc, one of the most characteristic symbols of the Baltic culture. The disc is decorated with cross-drilled holes, symbolizing the axis of the world. At the top appears the name of the issuing country, "LIETUVA", flanked by the mintmark and the year of issue "2016". The amber disc is an archaeological finding of the Neolithic era.

Issue date: 3 May 2016
Specifications Diameter - 25.75mm Thickness - 2.2mm Weight - 8.5gr
Composition BiAlloy (Nk/Ng), ring Cupronickel (75% copper - 25% nickel clad on nickel core), center Nickel brass (75% copper - 20% zinc - 5% nickel)
Edge LAISVE, VIENYBE, GEROVE (Freedom, Unity, Well-Being)
Comments Designer: Mikulskytė Jolanta - Engraver: Giedrius Paulauskis
Mintage 990,000 pieces

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