Luxembourg Official Blister - Differdange 2013

Luxembourg Official Blister - Differdange 2013
Obverse of Luxembourg Official Blister - Differdange 2013
Details The Official Blister 2013 contains the 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 cent coins and 1, 2 euros (unc), as well as a 2 euro commemorative coin celebrating the National Anthem of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. This is the second BU Set issued by Luxembourg in 2013, after the one dedicated to the old postal vehicles.

Differdange is a commune with city status in south-western Luxembourg. Differdange is an industrial city that was home to much of Luxembourg's steel production, and lies near the borders with Belgium and France. Differdange Castle, located on a hill in the centre of the town, dates from 1577 although there was an earlier fortified castle of Differdange dating from around 1310. Today's residential castle is used by Miami University.

"Ons Heemecht" is the national anthem of Luxembourg. The title in Luxembourgish translates as Our Homeland. Michel Lentz wrote the words in 1859, and they were set to music by Jean Antoine Zinnen in 1864. The song was first performed in public in Ettelbruck, a town at the confluence of the Alzette and Sauer rivers (both of which are mentioned in the song), on 5 June 1864.
Mintage 7,500 pieces
Issue price 30.00 euros

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