Portugal Official Blister 2009

Obverse of Portugal Official Blister 2009
Details The Official Blister 2009 contains the 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 cent coins and 1, 2 euros (unc)

Portuguese euro coins show three different designs for each of the three series of coins, representing the first Portuguese King, D. Afonso Henriques. However, they are quite similar in that all contain old royal mints and seals within a circle of seven castles and five coats of arms and the word "Portugal". The designer Vitor Manuel Fernandes dos Santos drew his inspiration from historical symbols and the seals of the first King of Portugal

Interestingly, the €2 in this set has only been minted for collectors sets and has not been released for general circulation. Mintage: 18,000 pieces
Mintage 50,000 pieces
Issue price 34.50 euros

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