San Marino Official Blister 2015

Obverse of San Marino Official Blister 2015
Details The official blister of 2015 from the Republic of San Marino contains a full set of euro coins (1 cent to 2 euros).

The outer package shows one of the architectural elements and at the same time the most important symbol of the Republic of San Marino: the Public Palace. It is the heart of political life in San Marino, located on the so-called "Pianetto", or Freedom Square, the site of Domus Comunis Magna, built in the last decades of the XIV century and then demolished in the late nineteenth century.

Designed by Frantisek Chochola and engraved by Ettore Lorenzo Frapiccini

Date of issue: 23 June 2015
Mintage 15,000 pieces
Issue price 35.50 euros

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