San Marino Official Blister - Giovanni Pascoli 2012

Obverse of San Marino Official Blister - Giovanni Pascoli 2012
Details The Official Blister 2011 contains a full set of circulating euros (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 cents and 1, 2 euros), as well as a unique €5 silver coin honoring Giovanni Pascoli. The coins are sealed within a blister pack for protection, and come in a full-colour folder.

Giovanni Placido Agostino Pascoli (December 31, 1855—April 6, 1912) was an Italian poet and classical scholar. Pascoli's poetry shows interesting affinities with European symbolism, even if direct influences cannot be demonstrated. A wide use of analogy and synesthesia, a very subtle musicality, a lexicon open both to foreign languages and to vernacular or onomatopeic voices are major signs of a literary research oriented towards modern poetical language.

Issue date: March 2012
Mintage 40,000 pieces
Issue price 41.00 euros

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