Slovenia 50 cents 2007 - Triglav mountain

Obverse of Slovenia 50 cents 2007 - Triglav mountain

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Krause - Mishler KM# 73
Details Triglav is the highest and most sacred mountain in Slovenia. The coin also features the inscription 'OJ TRIGLAV MOJ DOM' (O Triglav, my home) and the constellation Cancer (Slovenia achieved independence under the zodiac sign Cancer)
Specifications Diameter - 24.25mm Thickness - 2.38mm Weight - 7.8gr
Composition Nordic gold (89% copper - 5% aluminium - 5% zinc - 1% tin)
Edge Shaped edge with fine scallops (50 scallops)
Comments Designers: Miljenko Licul, Maja Licul and Janez Boljka
Mintage 32,100,000 pieces

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