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Name Country Collection focus Requires Doubles
Name Country Collection focus Requires Doubles
Americo Couto Portugal Accumulation Accumulation
Nuno Couto Portugal Accumulation Accumulation
Carlos Cruz Portugal Euro coins
Helena Cruz Portugal Euro coins
João Custódio Portugal Accumulation Accumulation
Teresa sofia De melo neves Portugal Euro coins
Mike Defranco Portugal Euro coins
Andre Dias Portugal Accumulation Accumulation
Jtsnows Dp Portugal World coins by type
Jorge Duarte Portugal Euro coins Commemorative 2€ coins. YESinfoOffered coinsThe collector has uploaded a file with coins available for exchange.

Click to download the file, last updated 1617 days ago (on 6/28/2017)
rOdrigo Duarte Portugal Euro coins
Carlos Fernandes Portugal Euro coins 2 euro coins
Jorge Fernandes Portugal World coins by type
Pedro Fernandes Portugal Accumulation Accumulation
Joao Ferreira Portugal World coins by type I colect only coins: euros and world by type(km#)
João Figueira Portugal Euro coins Mostly circulated commemorative euro coins
Carolina Fontes Portugal Accumulation Accumulation
Ana Freitas Portugal Euro coins Euro coins, especially 2€ commemorative coins   escreva ...
Bruno Gago Portugal Accumulation
Maria Gomes Portugal Accumulation Accumulation
Results 1421 - 1440 of 2277

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