Andorra 2 euros 2015 - 30 Years since 18 became Legal Age

Details This right to vote was set to eighteen years of age in 1985. The reform process culminated with the approval of the Andorran Constitution of 1993. Article 24 dictated that "All Andorrans of age, in full possession of their rights, enjoy the right of suffrage".

The design of the coin shows a partial reproduction of a young person by a ballot. The envelope reproduces the word "Andorra". To the left of the figure being commemorated the years "1985" and "2015" (the latter is also the year of issue of the currency).
Specifications Diameter - 25.75mm Thickness - 2.2mm Weight - 8.5gr
Composition BiAlloy (Nk/Ng), ring Cupronickel (75% copper - 25% nickel clad on nickel core), center Nickel brass
Edge "VIRTUS UNITA FORTIOR" (United Virtue is stronger)
Mintage 85,000 pieces

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