Monetary System

Circulating Coins
1 krone = 100 ore

The traditional mining symbol with the crossed pick and hammer

krone(r): 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 / ore: 50

The Royal Norwegian Mint (Den Kongelige Mynt) was founded in 1686 as part of the Kongsberg Silverworks, to convert the silver extracted from the mines into coins. Before being taken over by Norges Bank (the Central Bank of Norway) in 1962, the Mint had been administered by several different bodies, including the central authorities in Copenhagen and the Ministry of Finance. However, the connection with the Silverworks remained intact until the silver mines were closed down in 1957.

On January 1, 2001, the mint was incorporated with the Central Bank of Norway as their sole owner and shareholder.The traditional mining symbol - a crossed pick and hammer - is still stamped on all Norwegian coins.

The Royal Norwegian Mint has a long tradition of medal-making. The oldest medal known to be made in Kongsberg was issued in honour of King Fredrik IV's visit to the Silverworks in 1704. A selection of medals and coins produced at the Royal Norwegian Mint are on display in our museum which is part of the Norwegian Mining Museum.

For further information, contact the Royal Norwegian Mint, Phone: +47 32 29 95 30, Fax: +47 32 29 95 50, email: