Greece 1 cent 2015 - Athenian triere

Obverse of Greece 1 cent 2015 - Athenian triere Reverse of Greece 1 cent 2015 - Athenian triere

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Krause - Mishler KM# 181
Details The Athenian triere (or trireme) was the largest battle ship for 200 years, dating from the time of the Athenian democracy and Kimon (5th century b.C.- Marine Museum). Triremes were the dominant warship in the Mediterranean from around 700 to 300 BC, when naval combat took place mainly by ramming enemy vessels which would typically break apart from the force of the collision. In order for this to work well, the boats need to be both fast and maneuverable, which means they ought to have a large number of rowers but still remain as thin and short as possible. Triremes were equipped with sails, which were taken down before battles, but cramped conditions made them unsuited for long-distance travel.
Specifications Diameter - 16.25mm Thickness - 1.67mm Weight - 2.27gr
Composition Copper plated steel (94.35% steel - 5.65% copper)
Edge Smooth
Comments Designer: Ms A.Michelioudaki

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