Greece 10 drachmas 1978 - Democritus

Obverse of Greece 10 drachmas 1978 - Democritus Reverse of Greece 10 drachmas 1978 - Democritus
Krause - Mishler KM# 119
Details Democritus (460 - 370 BC) was a Greek philosopher, who developed the atomic theory of the universe, which had been originated by his mentor, the philosopher Leucippus. Democritus was born in Abdera, Thrace. He wrote extensively, but only fragments of his works remain. According to his exposition of the atomic theory of matter, all things are composed of minute, invisible, indestructible particles of pure matter (atoma, "indivisibles"), which move about eternally in infinite empty space (kenon, "the void")
Specifications Diameter - 26mm Thickness - 1.95mm Weight - 7.5gr
Composition Copper 75%, Nickel 25%
Edge Smooth
Comments Engravers: Th. Papagiannis, L. Orfanos
Mintage 14,637,000 pieces

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