Greece 10 lepta 1976 - Charging bull

Obverse of Greece 10 lepta 1976 - Charging bull Reverse of Greece 10 lepta 1976 - Charging bull
Krause - Mishler KM# 113
Details The Minoan civilization bequeathed us with unique specimens of wall paintings with realistic and life-like representations decorating the renowned Minoan palaces. The government of the Minoan was theocratic, and the religion of Minoan was matriarchal and centered around the worship of several goddess and high priestesses.

Accordingly the Minoans took part in many ritual acts, including "bull leaping". Bull leaping involved mid-air leaping, onto the back of a charging bull. The question remains as to whether this activity was a religious ritual, possibly a sacrificial activity, or a sport, perhaps a form of bullfighting. Many people have questioned if this activity is even possible
Specifications Diameter - 20mm Thickness - N/A Weight - 1.1gr
Composition Aluminium
Edge Smooth
Comments Engraver: L. Orphanos, N. Perantinos
Mintage 830,000 pieces

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