Greece 100 drachmai (series 00a) 1978

Greece 100 drachmai (series 00a) 1978 100 drachmai (series 00a)
Obverse of Greece 100 drachmai (series 00a) 1978
Krause - Mishler KM# P200
Details Brown and violet on multicolored underprint

Obverse: Athena Peiraios
The bronze statue of the goddess Athena known as 'Athena of Piraeus' with one hand extended forward (holding Nike or a libation jar). The 2.5m statue has been attributed to either Kephisodotos or Euphranor.

Reverse: A. Koraes and church of and church of and church of and church of Arkadi Monastery in Crete
Adamantios Koraes was a humanist scholar credited with laying the foundations of Modern Greek literature and a major figure in the Greek Enlightenment. His activities paved the way for the Greek War of Independence and emergence of a purified form of the Greek language, known as Katharevousa.
The Arkadi Monastery is one of Crete's most venerated symbols of freedom. The defiant defence of this fortress-like monastery during the 1866 Cretan rebellion against the Turks is still legendary and inspirational.

Watermark: Head of Charioteer Polyzalos of Delphi

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