Greece 2 cents 2006 - Corvette

Obverse of Greece 2 cents 2006 - Corvette Reverse of Greece 2 cents 2006 - Corvette

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Krause - Mishler KM# 182
Details Corvettes are small, maneuverable, lightly-armed warship, smaller than a frigate, and they were heavily used during the Hellenic liberation fight (1821-1827). When referring to sailing ships, a corvette is a ship-rigged sloop. Almost all modern navies use ships smaller than frigates for coastal duty, but not all of them use the term "corvette."
Specifications Diameter - 18.75mm Thickness - 1.67mm Weight - 3.06gr
Composition Copper plated steel (94.35% steel - 5.65% copper)
Edge Groove
Comments Designer: Ms A.Michelioudaki and N.Nikolaou
Mintage 44,950,000 pieces

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