Greece 30 drachmas 1963 - Map of Greece

Obverse of Greece 30 drachmas 1963 - Map of Greece Reverse of Greece 30 drachmas 1963 - Map of Greece
Krause - Mishler KM# 86
Details The Greek Royal Family is a direct family member of the House of Schleswig – Holstein – Sonderburg - Glücksburg. Its first monarch was George I and the family came to throne when Otto I of Greece allowed the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and Second French Empire to occupy the port at Piraeus so as to prevent the Kingdom of Greece from aligning with the Russian Empire during the Crimean War (1853-1856)

The coin depicts the dynasty: King George A', King Constantine A', King Alexander, King George B' and King Paul
Specifications Diameter - 34mm Thickness - N/A Weight - 18gr
Composition 0.8350 Silver - 0.4832oz ASW
Edge Lettered: My power the love of the people
Comments Engraver: V. Falireas
Mintage 17,825,000 pieces

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