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Name Country Collection focus Requires Doubles
Name Country Collection focus Requires Doubles
Emiel Van daele Belgium Euro coins
Saskia Van de voorde Belgium Accumulation
Davy Van den abbeel Belgium Accumulation Accumulation
Herman VANLOMMEL Belgium Accumulation Accumulation
Lakshman prasad Veeraraghavan Belgium Accumulation Accumulation
Bjorn Vercruysse Belgium Coins and banknotes Coins from all over the world from 1830 onwards
Sybren Vermeyen Belgium Coins and banknotes Looking to trade coins, specifically looking for african/asian/south-pacific ...
Kurt Verstockt Belgium Euro coins
Wim Vroman Belgium Euro coins Commemorative coins from all countries andorra - monaco - san ...
J W Belgium Accumulation Accumulation
Max well Belgium Accumulation Accumulation
Guy Winkelmans Belgium Accumulation Accumulation
Mathias Wittock Belgium Accumulation Accumulation
Richard Zednik Belgium Accumulation Accumulation
Maxwell Kgamanyane Botswana Accumulation All types of coins
Davi Cardoso Brazil Accumulation Accumulation
Marcos Castro Brazil Accumulation Accumulation
Marcos Coelho Brazil World coins by type
Thiago Cunha Brazil Accumulation Accumulation
Rafael Darriba Eurich Brazil Accumulation Every single coin
Results 101 - 120 of 2012

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