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Name Country Collection focus Requires Doubles
Name Country Collection focus Requires Doubles
Marcio Oliveira Brazil Accumulation Accumulation
Marcos Olivetti Brazil Coins and banknotes Hello, how are you? i hope you all well? my name is marcos olivetti, ...
Gabriela Pelosi Brazil World coins by type I’m interested in swapping brazilian current coins for other ...
Sidney Praxedes Brazil Accumulation Accumulation
Gabriel Rego Brazil Accumulation Any coin, circulating os not, that i dont have
Eduardo rIbeiro Brazil Accumulation Accumulation
Eloísio Ruellas Brazil Accumulation Accumulation
Marcelino Sabatel Brazil Accumulation YESinfoOffered coinsThe collector has uploaded a file with coins available for exchange.

Click to download the file, last updated 1080 days ago (on 3/15/2021)
Cosmo Silva Brazil Accumulation Accumulation
Kleber Souza Brazil World coins by type Coins by type and year.  
Vinicius Tin Brazil Accumulation Accumulation
Vinicius Vitor Brazil Accumulation Accumulation
Sim Wl Brunei Darussalam Accumulation Any countries coins.  willing to swap any coins with my ...
Todor Cvetkov Bulgaria Euro coins I collect euro coins full sets from all eu countries and all ...
Stanislav Gradev Bulgaria Euro coins 2 euro coins
Ivan Ivanov Bulgaria Accumulation Accumulation
Branislav Mladenov Bulgaria Accumulation Accumulation
Emil Penkov Bulgaria Accumulation Accumulation
Ruzha Stoynova Bulgaria Accumulation Accumulation
Marina Terzieva Bulgaria Accumulation Accumulation
Results 141 - 160 of 2345

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