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Name Country Collection focus Requires Doubles
Name Country Collection focus Requires Doubles
Artur Teixeira Portugal Accumulation Accumulation
Fernando Teixeira Portugal Euro coins 2 euro commemorative coins
Luis Teixeira Portugal Accumulation
Nuno Teles Portugal Accumulation
Bill Townsend Portugal Accumulation Accumulation
António Travassos Portugal Accumulation Accumulation
Jorge Vasconcelos Portugal Euro coins
Alexandre Videira Portugal Euro coins Euro coins by year
Fabiano Vilarinho Portugal Accumulation Accumulation
Henrique Xavier Portugal Accumulation Accumulation
андрей копылов Portugal Euro coins I started collecting coins in 2016, the collection is small, ...
rIchard Morales Puerto Rico Accumulation Accumulation
Cornel Anani Romania Accumulation Accumulation
Mihnea Babeanu Romania Accumulation Accumulation
Cristian Bold Romania Coins and banknotes Euro coins
Catalin Brinzan Romania Accumulation Accumulation
Catalin Chituc Romania Coins and banknotes
Florin Davidescu Romania Accumulation Accumulation
Gabriel Fitoiu Romania Euro coins Accumulation
Radovici Ion Romania Accumulation Accumulation
Results 1201 - 1220 of 1801

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