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Name Country Collection focus Requires Doubles
Name Country Collection focus Requires Doubles
Kees Weissenbruch Netherlands Accumulation Accumulation
Michiel WesterainfoAverage rating - 2 evaluations90% - Quality
100% - Shipping
100% - Communication
Netherlands World coins by type More diffecult coins, silver, old
Roger Wouters Netherlands Accumulation Accumulation
Robin Oliver New Zealand Accumulation Accumulation
Wendy Pedersen New Zealand Year and mint series nEw zealand coins
Shiva Sami New Zealand World coins by type I love to collect various coins, us coins of some states, eastern ...
Svein Even Borgen Norway Euro coins Accumulation
Andrea Bortolini Norway Accumulation Accumulation
Morten Groevli Norway Accumulation Accumulation
Odd Arne Hanssen Norway Coins from Norway
John Johnsen Norway Accumulation Accumulation
Andris Masko Norway Accumulation Accumulation
Tore Sckanke Norway Themes <p>sell doublets - buy various coins etc.</p> <p>help ...
Andrej Sokolovskij Norway World coins by type Im intresteed in cions from: ussr, russia, russia-empire, lithuania, ...
Simon Solati Norway Accumulation Accumulation
Jarle Thøgersen Norway Accumulation Accumulation
Kristof Wuthrich Norway World coins by type Accumulation
Naveed AhmadinfoAverage rating - 1 evaluation10% - Quality
10% - Shipping
10% - Communication
Pakistan World coins by type Mughal coins and indian coins
Googo Googo Pakistan Coins and banknotes I collect coins and banknotes from around the world. I have ...
Jabran Niaz Pakistan World coins by type British india coins etc
Results 1261 - 1280 of 2057

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