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Name Country Collection focus Requires Doubles
Name Country Collection focus Requires Doubles
Robert Zammit Malta Accumulation Accumulation
Monica Zerafa Malta Accumulation Accumulation
Ismael alejandro Cano alonso Mexico World coins by type I looking to exchange mexican coins to any others
Luis armando Juarez Mexico Coins and banknotes
Iván Alejandro López Hernández Mexico World coins by type
Vadim Betisor Moldova, Republic of Coins and banknotes I can offer coins from moldova in exchange of coins from your ...
Vladimir Vignan Moldova, Republic of Accumulation Accumulation
O A Montenegro Accumulation Accumulation
Mar Mrdk Montenegro Coins and banknotes
Milos Todorov Montenegro Euro coins
Alexey Yudin Montenegro Year and mint series
Adriana Alvarez Netherlands Accumulation Accumulation
Sven Arink Netherlands Accumulation I would like to swap world coins by type & year, especially ...
Frans Boerefijn Netherlands Accumulation Accumulation
Tonny Buijs Netherlands Accumulation Accumulation
Freek Cox Netherlands Accumulation Accumulation
Henk de Groot Netherlands Euro coins
Acl Dekkers Netherlands Accumulation Accumulation
Nuno Fatela Netherlands Accumulation Accumulation
M. Funcke Netherlands Accumulation Accumulation
Results 1281 - 1300 of 2250

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