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Random title: bit
Explanation: The old Mexican 8 reales silver coins, which circulated extensively in America in the 1700's and 1800's, was sometimes divided into sections. A 'bit' was one eight of the coin, 'two bits' was one fourth. This is how the US quarter dollar came to be known as Two Bits

A currency is a unit of exchange and hence a kind of money and medium of exchange. Currency includes paper banknotes and metal coins, which today are the dominant means of exchange. If you could not find the title you were looking for, or if you know a title which is not included in the Dictionary, please help us improve this service by reporting your findings.

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NUr$ 12504  10.54%
NUr$ 12504  10.54%
SKr 9713  8.18%
RO 8540  7.20%
Ptas 8403  7.08%
Euro 4984  4.20%
FKr 4922  4.15%
CFA Franc 4847  4.08%
Mexico 4735  3.99%
Czechoslovakia 4626  3.90%
Fmk 4515  3.80%
Continental dollars 4456  3.75%
Greece 4428  3.73%
Saudi Arabia 4423  3.73%
fen 4267  3.60%
Japan 4240  3.57%
Brazil 4214  3.55%
Spain 4188  3.53%
Hungary 4115  3.47%
Republic of China 4037  3.40%