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Random title: penny
Explanation: Bronze coin of the U.S. the 100th part of a dollar, one cent, bronze coin of the U.K. the 12th part of a shilling use phased out in 1971 (also see new penny), bronze coin of Canada the 100th part of a dollar, the 12th part of a shilling formerly used in various nations and territories

A currency is a unit of exchange and hence a kind of money and medium of exchange. Currency includes paper banknotes and metal coins, which today are the dominant means of exchange. If you could not find the title you were looking for, or if you know a title which is not included in the Dictionary, please help us improve this service by reporting your findings.

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Currency or countrySearchesPercentage
NUr$ 11754  10.49%
NUr$ 11754  10.49%
SKr 9176  8.19%
RO 8154  7.28%
Ptas 7958  7.10%
Euro 4762  4.25%
FKr 4704  4.20%
CFA Franc 4630  4.13%
Czechoslovakia 4419  3.94%
Mexico 4381  3.91%
Fmk 4293  3.83%
Continental dollars 4255  3.80%
Saudi Arabia 4214  3.76%
Greece 4204  3.75%
Brazil 4005  3.57%
Spain 3963  3.54%
Hungary 3901  3.48%
Japan 3864  3.45%
Republic of China 3832  3.42%
gilder 3805  3.40%