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Name Country Collection focus Requires Doubles
Name Country Collection focus Requires Doubles
Jonathan Lawson Australia Accumulation Accumulation
David LeachinfoAverage rating - 10 evaluations100% - Quality
100% - Shipping
100% - Communication
Australia World coins by type Looking for coins not in my collection YESinfoOffered coinsThe collector has uploaded a file with coins available for exchange.

Click to download the file, last updated 1582 days ago (on 1/22/2013)
Carmen Maestrelli Australia Accumulation Accumulation
JAKUB MATERA Australia Accumulation Accumulation
Shane Mcculloch Australia Euro coins Euro coins
Maria Mercedes Australia Accumulation Accumulation
Mary Neofitou Australia Accumulation Accumulation
Jo-Anne Nibbs Australia Accumulation Accumulation
Yiana Pallis Australia Accumulation Accumulation
Marcus Reyer Australia Accumulation Accumulation
Richard RobinsoninfoAverage rating - 1 evaluation10% - Quality
10% - Shipping
10% - Communication
Australia Year and mint series
Jamie rOsewell Australia Accumulation Accumulation
Nigel Sherriff Australia World coins by type Anything that catches my eye
Brett Sutton Australia World coins by type Willing to trade any australian coins for any other world wide ...
Andrej Bogdanov Austria Accumulation Accumulation
Gregor Duzic Austria Euro coins
Botond Fazekas Austria Accumulation Accumulation
Alfred Marschal Austria Euro coins All countries, all years
Martin Metzger Austria Coins and banknotes
Gabor Paczi Austria Accumulation Accumulation
Results 21 - 40 of 1724

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