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Name Country Collection focus Requires Doubles
Name Country Collection focus Requires Doubles
Martin Metzger Austria Coins and banknotes
Gabor Paczi Austria Accumulation Accumulation
Werner Preininger Austria World coins by type YESinfoOffered coinsThe collector has uploaded a file with coins available for exchange.

Click to download the file, last updated 4307 days ago (on 10/9/2005)
Jeffrey rInker Austria Accumulation Accumulation
Norbert Schmidhoffer Austria Accumulation Accumulation
Dudu Dudu Azerbaijan Euro coins
Naim Al Tahsin Bangladesh Coins and banknotes I like to collect world coins, specially those countries coins ...
Reaz Awwal Bangladesh World coins by type Coins of the world. Interested to swap bangladeshi currency ...
Dmitry ArtemovinfoAverage rating - 6 evaluations98.30% - Quality
98.30% - Shipping
98.30% - Communication
Belarus Coins and banknotes
Vsevolod Bugaev Belarus Accumulation Accumulation
Dmitrij Efremov Belarus Coins and banknotes Commemorative and silver coins and unc banknotes of world
Valery Ganzha Belarus Coins and banknotes Coins, banknotes
Ihar Kiziukevich Belarus Belarus coins Coins of the republic of belarus
Elena Profit Belarus Coins and banknotes I collect coins and banknotes of interesting form (shape), size ...
Dimitry Strelkou Belarus Themes Silver & gold coins - ballet,dancing,martial,military,fine art,love,romantic ...
rOderick Abbott Belgium Accumulation Accumulation
Miguel Angel Acosta Sanchez Belgium Accumulation Accumulation
Fernand Berger Belgium Accumulation Accumulation
Andre Boen Belgium World coins by type World coins from 1900
Mark Borremans Belgium World coins by type
Results 41 - 60 of 1776

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