Making fun with the euro

Euro versus dollar Advertising authorities in Moscow banned in 2003 a poster campaign showing the euro having sex with the US dollar. The campaign, by the Russian Finance magazine, was judged immoral by the Moscow Committee for advertising and information.

Euro *&%$*# the dollar

Greeek new Euro coins The Greek financial crisis in 2011 sparked world-wide discussions about the future of the Eurozone and fueled many designers' creativity, offering images such as this one.

The new Greek euro coins

Sweden will not join the Eurozone Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom decided not to adopt the single european currency, choosing to hold on to their national currencies instead. In Sweden, the anti-EMU campaign included the following ad.

Swedish anti-EMU advertisment

The reaction was the following...
Penis on the Euro Coins? When the first euro coins circulated, there was a rumor that people in Sweden were outraged, because Sweden is made to look like a limp penis on the new coins. Take a look at the pictures below to find out why. The second picture is a fake, probably the work of a Swedish artist!

Euro coin picture Fake euro coins picture

Homer Simpson euro Candy shop owner Jose Martinez shows an official Spanish 1 Euro coin with the face of Spanish King Juan Carlos (L) and another one altered to look like a face of cartoon character Homer Simpson in the northern Spanish town of Avile August 8, 2008. Martinez found the Homer Simpson coin in his shop's cash register while counting the days' transactions.

Homer Simpson euro

Counterfeit euro coins Euro coins had their own share of troubles. By the way, all the coins and banknotes included in this page are the result of Photoshop manipulation and were not actual products that circulated the streets.

Fake 50 euro cents coin Fake 3 euro cents coin Fake 4 euro cents coin Fake 4 euro cents coin

Counterfeit euro banknotes Counterfeiting was a major problem for the new currency and in order to defeat this practice, a number of anti-counterfeit technologies were implemented in the design and minting process. It seems the counterfeiters were not too bright either...

Fake 1 eurobanknote Fake 1 eurobanknote Fake 1 eurobanknote