Circulating euro coins and notes

Total cash in circulation (number)9.04 billion notes49.01 billion coins
Total cash in circulation (value)€ 436.01 billion€ 14.07 billion
Total value as a share of GDP6.18%0.20%
Per capita figures
Average number per person29.9 notes162.3 coins
Average value per person€ 1445€ 46.6
Most popular euro banknote/coin
Total number (% of total)€ 50 (32.1 %)1 cent (20.0%)
Total value (% of total)€ 50 (33.2%)€ 2 (39.9%)

Facts and figures (Updated: February 2004)

Value of coins in circulation Value of banknotes in circulation Number of euro banknotes in circulation